Test for contact allergy

A referral from your physician or specialist and an appointment is required before arriving at the allergy outpatient clinic. Mondays or Tuesdays are preferred for this test (see below).

1. Medical consultation

There is always a skin specialist (dermatologist) present in our clinic. You tell the doctor about any symptoms you have and especially under what circumstances you experience them. The test programme is drawn up based on this medical consultation and according to the examinations requested by the referrer. The test usually consists of:

2. Skin testing

Here a large test patch with a selection of test substances (possible allergens) is applied to the skin – usually on the back. This test patch must remain on the skin for 2 days. After 2 days have passed, the test patch is removed and the skin is examined. The skin must be examined again on the third day. A positive test reaction (= allergy) is manifested in an inflammation of the skin (eczema) at a specific test spot.

3. Blood sample

Usually a blood sample is still drawn. This is not primarily to find the triggering allergen, but to provide an overview of the propensity for allergies and dry skin (“atopy”), because many forms of eczema are also caused by a hereditary tendency or irritation.

The following test-day sequences are available for the test procedure: Mon.-Wed.-Thu. or Tue.-Thu.-Fri. For this reason, please come to the clinic at the beginning of the week for the first test appointment.


The following substances are usually tested:

Standard series: the most common allergy triggers

  • Perfume ingredients / cosmetics
  • Dental substances / prosthetic materials
  • Opthamalogical substances / eye drops, etc.
  • Ointments / ointment bases
  • Antibiotics / disinfectants
  • Plant block / herbal allergy triggers
  • Paints – plastic – glue
  • Textile substances / -colours
  • Metals
  • Rubber compounds
  • Hairdressing substances / hair dye, etc.

Generally it is possible to test virtually any (non-toxic) substance if indicated by the patient’s medical history, so please bring any suspected substances with you!

3. Medical consultation

After completion of all examinations, you will receive a report containing all tests and their results. The diagnostic findings will be given to you by a doctor and explained. If necessary, a therapy proposal will be offered. Time required for the allergy test: first and third test days: approx. 1-2 hours; second test day: approx. 30 minutes (including waiting times).