Welcome to the Allergy Outpatient Clinic Reumannplatz!


The Outpatient Clinic is closed July 27, 2019 until July 31, 2019. There is also no service on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon on July 21 & 23, and August 4 & 6.

Special situation due to the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Please call +43 1 6042470 or use the online appointment service below to make an appointment.

No referral necessary except patients with SVS insurance.



Please refrain from taking any antihistamine medications for at least 2 days before the allergy test. Eating before drawing a blood sample is allowed.

We do not conduct lactose and fructose intolerance tests.

In case of drug hypersensitivity, tests cannot be performed on the day of first consultation. Expect 6 weeks waiting time for testing.

Online appointment service

Current allergens: grass pollen and fungal spores

Medium loads of grass pollen and high loads of fungal spores. For more details please refer to the  Pollenwarndienst (pollen monitoring service).

Allergen-Chip ALEX2 available

ALEX2, an allergen-chip with the possibility to check sensitization to 295 allergens at the same time is now available. Please note: the chip is not covered by the statutory health insurance.