Welcome to the Allergy Outpatient Clinic Reumannplatz!

Special situation due to the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Please call +43 1 6042470 or use the online appointment service below to make an appointment.

No referral necessary except patients with SVS insurance until June 30, 2021.

A FFP2 mask is mandatory when entering the ambulatory.



Please refrain from taking any antihistamine medications for at least 2 days before the allergy test. Eating before drawing a blood sample is allowed.

We do not conduct lactose and fructose intolerance tests.

In case of drug hypersensitivity, tests cannot be performed on the day of first consultation. Expect 6 weeks waiting time for testing.

Online appointment service

Grass pollen season

High levels of grass pollen. For more details please refer to the  Pollenwarndienst (pollen monitoring service).

Allergen-Chip ALEX2 available

ALEX2, an allergen-chip with the possibility to check sensitization to 295 allergens at the same time is now available. Please note: the chip is not covered by the statutory health insurance.